DEX Observability & Digital Experience Scoring

Eliminate blind spots in user experience measurement

As IT environments become more complex and fragmented, it can become quite difficult for your IT teams to gain end-to-end visibility into user journeys and ensure a positive, seamless end-user experience across these endpoints.

With full end point observability and contextual metrics, Acumen helps identify performance issues and digital friction across user devices and user journeys, irrespective of location.

The Benefits of Acumen

Secure data for proactive optimization of employees’ digital experience

Measure, score, and optimize digital employee experiences to predict productivity changes

Replace anecdotes with empirical data for a universal truth accessible to all stakeholders

Aggregate and monitor digital experiences for all employees, regardless of location

Compare segments by role, team, and location for benchmarking and improvement tracking

Drive ongoing improvement with real-time insights for a better digital employee experience

Achieve full endpoint observability


Measure end-user experience across the entire IT estate, gaining comprehensive visibility into endpoint configuration and performance combined with insights on user journeys. Acumen provides digital workplace leaders with the data and insights necessary for measuring and proactively optimizing employees’ digital experiences.

By aggregating and monitoring your digital employee experiences for all employees, irrespective of their place of work, Acumen offers a comprehensive solution for tracking and enhancing the digital employee experience over time, allowing organizations to predict potential productivity degradation.

Measure, score, and optimize digital employee experience


Acumen offers a suite of capabilities to measure, score, and optimize the digital employee experience systematically. You can use the platform to track experiences over time and predict potential productivity degradation. The ability to compare different segments based on roles, teams, and locations allows for benchmarking and continuous improvement initiatives.

This data-driven approach not only removes uncertainties but also empowers your organization with the tools needed to make informed decisions, ensuring a consistently positive digital experience for all your employees.

Measure, benchmark and show improvement over time


Compare different segments by role, team, and location, to enable your organizations to benchmark and measure improvement systematically.

This data-driven approach allows digital workplace leaders to remove anecdotal evidence and replace it with empirical data, establishing a single version of the truth that is accessible to all stakeholders. Acumen’s capabilities empower organizations to measure, score, and optimize the digital employee experience, tracking and reporting improvement over time.

Measure employee engagement

Discover how your team is doing with real-time insights into employee productivity and engagement. Make informed choices to boost productivity and create a healthier work environment.

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Protect your employees well-being

Leverage all your quantifiable data to assess engagement & reduce burnout risks, identify quiet quitting, help your employees protect focus time, and ensure a healthy workload balance.

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