Cost Optimization of High-Value Applications

Cost Optimization of High-Value Applications

Achieve Significant Savings Faster with Intelligent Usage Metering

If your organization uses Computer Aided Design software or high-end data science tools, you’ll know that licenses are expensive. Specialist high-end software is costly to acquire.

In nearly all organizations there is usually an opportunity for rationalizing software and hardware assets, physical and virtual, to drive savings. There will undoubtedly be opportunities to eliminate unused, underutilized or duplicated software and IT assets.

To optimize costs and achieve the greatest savings possible, organizations need to secure accurate, granular asset and usage intelligence. Understanding what license rights the organization has purchased, how many instances of software are deployed on what type of devices is only part of the picture.

This webinar details how usage intelligence can be used to find sizeable cost savings and build a foundation of visibility that will provide ongoing support for IT cost management and governance.

See Asset Vision in action and see how, with a couple of clicks, IT teams can survey the entire IT estate and discover how to make smart decisions about rationalizing software assets and delivering software savings.

Learn more in the white paper, The Benefits of Intelligent Usage Metering.