Navigating IT Chaos: Why the Challenges of Inventory and Discovery are More Relevant than Ever

With a plethora of inventory and discovery tools, IT organizations often sink beneath an unreconciled data universe. The challenge of “knowing what’s out there” has only gotten worse in the digital age given the growth of hybrid cloud, third-party SaaS, mobile endpoints, and increasing concerns about security, compliance and overall IT cost efficiencies and effectiveness. At the same time, IT service management teams, IT asset management teams, and operations as a whole, are all under pressures to do more, do it more dynamically, and align IT values more directly to business outcomes.

Tune into this on-demand EMA webinar to learn how to:

  • Address the critical realities of inventory, discovery, data assimilation and data management as they are evolving today
  • Examine the impacts of data and discovery on audits, security and compliance, and CMDB/CMS effectiveness
  • Explore the challenges presented in assimilating and managing hybrid cloud, including public cloud environments
  • Illustrate the benefits of having a cohesive capability for discovery, inventory, and configuration awareness, with clear guidelines on how to achieve it