Cost savings of moving to the cloud

Many organizations are moving their IT estates to the cloud, expecting major cost savings and other benefits. However, cloud migration is a move that requires careful preparation, especially in terms of deep-dive analysis of your existing IT estate and the way you use the assets. If you don’t invest enough time in preparation and planning, you will struggle to realize the full benefits. At present, surveys suggest that the results are often disappointing in terms of cost, with inevitable implications for return on investment.​

With preparation, you can enjoy a smooth move to the cloud and, equally importantly, continue to deliver full value months and years after the initial move by following these steps.

Assess and Plan

How do I determine my requirements for IaaS/SaaS apps and ensure that I’m committing to the resources I need? With secure, accurate inventory and usage profiles, you can avoid the expense of over-provisioning.

How do I prioritize my applications for cloud migration? Discover all of your applications and deep dive usage data to determine which to migrate and when, and plan a phased migration.

Rationalize and Rightsize

The first step in any cloud migration should always be to do an assessment of the current IT landscape and determine what is the right strategy to move the on-premise workloads.

Asset Vision gives a precise, unbiased view of all of your existing IT estate; applications, hardware, cloud, enabling you to assess the true costs of running your applications. Profile accurate and deep usage information that enables your organization to rationalize requirements and create scenarios to compare costs at various levels of provisioning and subscription – the basis for accurate TCO and RoI analysis before you commit or over provision.

Manage and Optimize

How can I optimize my existing cloud environment? How can I stay in control and prevent cloud sprawl? Actively manage your cloud deployment to ensure your cloud is always right-sized, that unused and underutilized resources are retired or optimized.

Asset Vision enables IT teams to view all cloud usage, including that initiated by business units without IT’s involvement and thereby stay in control of overall cloud costs.

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