Advanced Workforce & Systems Analytics

Optimize workforce system interactions

To ensure organizations thrive and empower teams to be successful, decision makers need to understand the employee experience at a deep level. Productivity cannot be effectively measured solely by output. Acumen delivers advanced workforce analytics to support organizations in this mission.

To create a culture of innovation and agility in the new hybrid workplace, organizations should be keenly focused on employee well-being, team collaboration and trust, and access to the right tools and information — all underpinned by adaptive and fit-for-purpose processes.

hybrid working

Understanding behaviors to optimize wellness

Employee wellness enables productivity, innovation, influence, and engagement in the work place. Acumen delivers the workforce metrics leaders need to understand wellness and experience across roles, teams, departments and geographies. Using the data collected automatically by Acumen, managers and decision makers will have immediate visibility of the metrics that determine wellness, experience and alignment. Acumen provides leaders with data they need to engage and develop their employees and gives IT the information necessary to enable a modern workplace.

Understanding behaviors to optimize processes

Understanding the interaction between employees and the tools and equipment they depend on to do their jobs is critical to ensuring a frictionless, optimized experience for both the employee and the organization. By analyzing user-journeys, organizations can identify opportunities to streamline processes and procedures, remove points of friction, enhance the employee experience and drive greater organizational productivity.

Using relational analytics to improve your business

Relational analytics provide evidence-based data points on team cohesion and efficiency, employee innovation and influence, and collaboration across the workforce. By using relational analytics in Acumen, organizations are able to reduce silos across their business, identify key performers, de-risk single points of failure in the employee chain and built a healthier, happier, more productive business.

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