Identify and eliminate digital friction

Boost Productivity and Remove Inefficiency

While technology is the primary tool used to improve employee productivity, a common pitfall is recognizing and addressing sources of digital friction.

This is because digital friction often remains hidden.  Committed employees endure poor experiences, unstable systems and fractured taskflows, patiently accepting poor performance of IT services or adopting workarounds to get work done. This needs to be addressed with a DEX platform that gives granular, second by second insight on how employees usage software and the user journeys they take.

The benefits of removing digital friction

Boosts overall employee productivity

Streamlines and simplifies workflows

Increases job satisfaction and engagement

Improves user experience and satisfaction

Opens up automation opportunities

Provides valuable data-driven insights

Device and Application Stability


Ensuring device and application stability is a critical capability to combat digital friction. Closely monitor the performance of end-user devices and applications to detect any instabilities or issues that may disrupt your employees experiences.

With this capability in place, organizations can identify and address problems related to hardware and software, ultimately creating a smoother and more reliable digital environment.

Endpoint Performance Tracking


Endpoint performance tracking is a key component in addressing digital friction. Continuously monitor endpoints to assess their performance and identify any potential bottlenecks or issues that may impede user productivity.

Closely track the performance of endpoints, to detect and resolve problems quickly, ensuring that users have access to responsive and well-functioning devices.

Visibility into Application Workflows and Application Switching


Understanding how applications are integrated and identifying any inconsistencies or interruptions within the workflow  is imperative to reduce your digital friction. It allows you to discover instances of application switching and other disruptions that may impact user productivity.

By having clear insights into the application landscape and workflow dynamics, organizations can streamline processes, reduce unnecessary interruptions, and enhance the overall user experience.

Never miss a chance to prevent problems

Drive application adoption/standardization

Understand your IT costs to streamline application processes and increase your employees productivity. Have confidence in your decisions with granular insights on how applications are used to support company decisions

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Optimize task efficiency

Remove the risk of process friction to streamlines your employees journeys. Capture application workflows of any number of employees, wherever they are located, remote or in office as they complete process tasks, to identify inefficient processes and reduce time wasted

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Productivity and Digital workplace efficiency

Employees today are overwhelmed, with information, communications, and struggling with disparate applications they need to manage their workload. Streamline your data for a reduced impact on employees workflows and productivity

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