IT Asset Usage Metering with Asset Vision

Read the EMA Perspective on Asset Vision

Scalable’s Asset Vision attacks workstation over-spend with information that is detailed, accurate, and automated. Asset Vision’s metering agent measures the human and application interaction on workstations, whether they are traditionally installed applications, web applications and plug-ins, VDI/Citrix/Terminal Server, or virtualized applications (XenApp, App-V). Asset Vision identifies the usage, user, and endpoint device from which the application is consumed.

Download the EMA Impact Brief, “IT Asset Usage Metering: Asset Vision Details Actual Application Use to Cut Costs and Control Software Spend,” to learn how Asset Vision can:

  • Control costs through understanding workstation usage
  • Target hardware and server applications through line of “sight”
  • Surface the use of unauthorized or blacklisted applications and devices

Read the report to discover the real-life impact of Asset Vision where a Scalable customer targeting only three software products (Microsoft Project, Adobe Acrobat and Microsoft Visio) used Asset Vision to identify $5.2 million value of software that could be harvested and recycled based on actual usage.

Access the Report

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