5 Capabilities Needed for SLM Success

The Role of a Unified Tool

Did you know organizations are using on average 91 cloud computing services with nearly 40 percent being unsanctioned? Blame it on the rise of Shadow IT and the continual need to transform IT platforms. Ultimately, that’s a lot of exposure to unpredictable software licensing expenses.

Keep pace with the rapid changes in devices and licensing models – download “5 Key Capabilities Needed for SLM Success.” You’ll discover how Software License Management (SLM) tools are emerging to help you control software spending, capitalize on volume discounts, and avoid non-compliance with licensing contracts. You’ll learn how a fully unified SaaS solution for SLM can deliver the following key capabilities:

  • Consistent data quality throughout the system in a unified model
  • Removing data uncertainty through normalization
  • Cloud aware discovery
  • License awareness to ensure organizations don’t over-assign licenses
  • Business analytics through a unified shared hub for IT decision making

Ready to increase your probability of SLM success? Download the white paper.

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