How to Shift from Tactical to Strategic Management of Your IT Assets

Develop a More Strategic ITAM Approach

With ever-more complex environments encompassing a wide range of devices and endpoints and a panoply of on-premise, SaaS, IaaS, PaaS and web applications, it’s easy to miss opportunities for savings and cost containment. Unfortunately, according to Spiceworks, enterprise organizations plan to spend just 7% of their software and/or managed services budget on IT management — the very tools and services that can help you uncover hidden costs, eliminate waste and weed out unnecessary expenditures.

The Solution? Investing in the right people, processes and technology tools — as well as buy-in from the rest of the business — results in true IT Asset Intelligence, rather than simply information and rules.

Download the eBook, “How to Shift from Tactical to Strategic Management of Your IT Assets,” to discover the 6 Steps to IT Asset Intelligence:

  • Build the right team
  • Create a truly comprehensive and unified baseline inventory
  • Inventory usage, not just assets
  • Develop a governance practice around unused/unlicensed software assets
  • Establish a clear hardware lifecycle management practice
  • Leverage hard data to help the business appreciate IT value

Get the know-how you need to utilize IT Asset Intelligence to lower security risks, reduce the risk of legal issues, and increase IT productivity in your organization.

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