Cloud Migration Planning and Cost Optimization

Essential considerations for your project

Many organizations are rushing to move their estates to the cloud, expecting major cost savings and other benefits. However, this is a move that requires careful preparation, especially in terms of deep-dive analysis of your existing IT estate and the way you use the assets.

If you don’t invest enough time in preparation and planning, you will struggle to realize the full benefits. At present, surveys suggest that the results are often disappointing in terms of cost, with inevitable implications for return on investment.

Download the eBook, “Essential Considerations for Cloud Migration Planning and Cost Optimization,” to get answers to six questions that will help guide your cloud journey:

  1. What have I got?
  2. What should I move?
  3. Who can give me what I need?
  4. How do I move
  5. How can I keep delivering value
  6. How can I avoid cloud sprawl and cloud shock?

Read the eBook to discover best practices to ensure success during and after your cloud migration.

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