IT Cost Optimization

Achieve Significant Savings Faster with Intelligent Usage Metering

In nearly all organizations, there is usually an opportunity for rationalizing software and hardware assets, physical and virtual, to drive savings. There will undoubtedly be opportunities to eliminate unused, underutilized, or duplicated software and IT assets.

The complexity of the IT Estate hides redundant software and hardware, and the emergence of Cloud and SaaS services has led to escalating costs and increased risk. It’s impossible to manage costs and optimize budgets without a clear understanding of what IT assets you have, where, and who’s using them. The issue is compounded and risks increase as users self-source solutions to quickly address their requirements.

Understanding what license rights the organization has purchased, how many instances of software are deployed on what type of devices is only part of the picture. To optimize costs and achieve the greatest savings possible, organizations need to secure accurate, granular asset and usage intelligence.

IT cost optimization

Scalable Software’s Asset Vision Can Help

Asset Vision enables IT teams to quickly survey the entire IT estate and discover how to make smart decisions about rationalizing software assets and delivering software savings. Asset Vision, an intelligent agentless discovery tool, finds and catalogs hardware and software assets across the IT estate, irrespective of platform or location.

Uniquely, Asset Vision enables the capture of granular, deep dive usage data needed to support your modernization, migration and transformation initiatives, enabling faster delivery and significant cost savings through elimination or reassignment of unused or underutilized software licenses and removing unnecessary duplication and overlap.

Asset Vision agentless discovery, normalization and granular usage is unique in ability to provide a single point of truth of your organization’s IT inventory and usage fingerprint across your entire IT estate – cloud, on-premise, and hybrid environments.

The solution delivers the insights and usage Intelligence to tell IT teams the 5 critical datapoints that underpin cost optimization and digital transformation initiatives.

To discover how to Asset Vision can help your organization make smart decisions about rationalizing software assets and delivering significant software savings, request a demo today.