Digital Agility Metrics

Building Digital Agility: the Key to Successful Transformation

Time, money, and reputation are at risk if digital transformation initiatives are attempted without enabling the appropriate technology platforms or if workers are not prepared for the changes. It’s critical to prepare by measuring your organization’s digital agility – the readiness and availability of technology coupled with the ability of workers to absorb change and utilize IT.

To determine the efficacy of digital transformation efforts, it’s necessary to establish a baseline to measure the success of improvement efforts, utilize intelligent insights to help identify slow adoption, and then quickly remediate to optimize productivity and maximize ROI.

Acumen: Ensuring Organizations Realize the Full, Transformative Value of Digital Initiatives

  • Enhance digital agility by preparing a business and its people for the implementation of new capabilities in a way that enhances performance to deliver business results
  • Improve ROI of digital workplace investment and help your people realize their full potential as digital employees
  • Drive successful adoption of new tools and continuously define more efficient ways of working and proving the value your people will get out of it
  • Keep on the right path by showing where any gaps, risks, and challenges with adoption exist allowing you to proactively correct your course

See the Whole Picture: A Unique Perspective

Acumen provides vendor independent digital workplace insights, analytics, and KPIs that accelerate adoption and maximize the ROI of digital workplace initiatives. Advanced algorithms combine technology and employee behavior data to uniquely deliver accurate, deep dive, actionable intelligence covering the entire IT estate and the ability to perform comparisons across technology platforms and context against other organizations.

Connect Business Outcomes to Investment

It’s vital that we invest in the right tools and technologies. But it can sometimes be difficult to realize the transformative value to the business. Acumen helps determine your ROI by measuring employee adoption and comparing usage behavior to business objectives. You are able to establish a baseline, quantify the impact of investment, and map success factors across both people and technology:

  • Are you saving time through collaboration?
  • Are you having more efficient meetings?
  • Are you saving time switching applications?
  • Are you reducing employee turnover?
  • Are you saving money on communication and collaboration costs?
  • Are you reducing user downtime?

Whether it’s driving increased productivity through collaboration, delivering a better digital employee experience, or moving to a ‘Cloud First’ policy, Acumen delivers an accurate assessment of capabilities and readiness, identifies operational inefficiencies, and enables project teams to quantify their impact and build a plan to address them. This ensures alignment with business goals and better visualization of the path to performance improvement.

Realize the Full Transformative
Value of Microsoft Teams

An Acumen guide from Scalable

Many businesses are turning to Microsoft Teams as an aid to achieving Digital Agility in the face of dizzying change, and it’s an excellent choice. Microsoft Teams offers a shared workspace with the power to transform workplace collaboration by bringing together chat, meetings, apps, bots, storage, and calls within a single platform – and collaboration is an important route to agility. However, realization of the benefits depends heavily on how the product is rolled out.