Scalable Technology Library (STL)

What is STL?

STL is an IT software product library providing detailed information about current and legacy IT software products. STL provides businesses with a single source of normalization for vendor and product data, including:

  • Software versions, license types, and product use rights (PURs)
  • Release dates and End of Life (EOL) dates
  • License rules and metrics
  • Vendor SKUs and Part Numbers

Updated daily to ensure high-quality, up-to-date information, STL is currently leveraged by over 800 customers globally across a wide range of industry areas and sectors.

Users can submit their own products to be included in the library, or suggest updates to existing records. Submissions are reviewed by our team for accuracy and data quality.

Why Subscribe to STL?

  • Use STL for normalizing data across your IT systems to a common naming convention. This normalized data allows each system and user in your organization to be using the same naming convention increasing efficiency and providing a common language for all.
  • Use STL to populate and enhance existing processes internally including Self-Service Catalogs.
  • Use STL to add to or update your CMDBs, procurement systems and SAM tools.
  • COMING SOON: Hardware and IoT data.