Asset Vision Server Key Features

Virtualization Aware – Cluster Aware

Reporting on the precise relationship of virtual to physical machines and cluster configuration for your licensed software—including the metrics that matter, such as physical and virtual processor counts and VMs per Physical Machine—is easy with Asset Vision. It provides everything needed to ensure a clear understanding of the exposure, regardless of vendors’ emerging (and changing) virtualization licensing strategies.

SQL Server and Oracle Database Discovery

Advanced, lightweight, agentless discovery can gather both SQL and Oracle database inventory. For SQL the configuration of the database instances (edition, role, even internal SKU) and their running context (machine details, CPU counts, core counts, cluster and virtualization information) is captured. Oracle discovery provides for both discovery and inventory of versions, options, editions, clustering and virtualization as well as capacity model and CPU and Core Factors.

Comprehensive Baselines

Full discovery of all Windows, OS X, Linux, Solaris, AIX and HP-UX servers as well as physical and virtual machines and all device attributes.

No Agents Required

Advanced, innovative discovery techniques enable comprehensive hardware and software data to be gathered.

Discovered Services

Lists network-addressable services, with service-specific interfaces. Service-specific environment and configuration information is presented where available as well.

Virtual Server History Tracking

Virtual to physical relationships and VM movement history for ESX clusters along with detailed information about discovered clusters. Includes default Widgets that show:

  • ESX Cluster Members
  • Nodes by Cluster Type
  • Windows Clusters
  • Cluster Nodes Locations