Asset Vision Mobile Key Features

Full Apple Device Enrollment Program Support (DEP)

Asset Vision Mobile makes device enrollment easy and secure. Supports the needs of organizations purchasing and deploying devices in large quantities, without the need for factory customization or pre-configuration of devices prior to deployment.

Detailed Activity Logging

Asset Vision Mobile provides a detailed action log listing all activity taken against managed devices. It includes actions such as time stamping, actual action taken on the device, and the user who activated the action.

Automatically and Dynamically Identify Devices in Breach of Policy

Asset Vision Mobile continually monitors devices to ensure they are not in breach of policy. If they are, new configurations can be loaded, ensuring access to corporate assets is protected.

Managed Distribution and Volume Purchase Programs

Fully integrated with the Apple online Volume Purchase Program portal to enable managed and automated distribution of centrally purchased applications, and the harvesting of unused licenses.

Create and Manage Device Policies

Develop policies that link groups of apps or configuration profiles with groups of devices. Elect to automatically remediate non-compliant devices to a desired state, or simply warn of noncompliance.

Integrates with Internal Directory Systems

Asset Vision Mobile enables organizational structures such as Active Directory to be imported and used as the basis for profile and application policy decisions.

Detailed Device Inventory

As part of the enrollment process and periodically thereafter, Asset Vision Mobile obtains full device hardware and software characteristics, including installed packages and device configuration.

Define Groups of Devices, Apps, and Profiles

Build dynamic or static groups of devices, apps, or profiles in order to automate configuration of large numbers of devices. Enables “groups within groups” features to further streamline mass configuration.

Cater to the Needs of Those Who Want to Bring Their Own Device (BYOD)

Provides complete control over all data and applications. For selective wipe of managed applications data, all that is required is to remove the managed application. This ensures that devices can be selectively wiped. Only corporate email and enterprise applications are controlled, and devices can be returned to a pre-enrolled state if an employee leaves.