Digital Transformation KPIs and Actionable Insights

Acumen provides the workforce analytics you need to optimize systems and processes, measure and validate technology adoption, and understand your organizations digital agility – a key indicator that predicts how well positioned you are to adapt and respond rapidly to changing market factors.

With Acumen, you can see at a glance how your investments are being embraced by the workforce, and if you are achieving your strategic goals with them. If not, you can easily see where gaps exist, so you can focus your messaging and training in the right areas.

Measure, Optimize, and Transform

Acumen can help you at the planning, migration, and post-deployment stages of digital transformation initiatives by giving you the metrics you need to support the business case, to keep change on track, and to validate success in a post-deployment environment. Acumen translates all successes and challenges into a digital agility score: an index of employee digital talent and readiness that you can use to baseline and de-risk your organization for future change.

Using comprehensively gathered metrics from across an extensive range of data sets you can see – anonymously – how you compare to other organizations, and understand where and how they succeeded.


Acumen provides deep insight into end users’ usage and experience data and the technologies they use to get work done, delivering KPIs and actionable insights and recommendations to enhance the agility of both employees and technology.


  • Identify high, medium, and low risk technology / services for business transformation
  • Make automated recommendations for technology advancement (identify low-hanging fruit)
  • Understand technology sizing & readiness for transformation
  • Map transformation to right competency level workforce
  • Help identify opportunities to fund innovation and digital transformation
  • Build roadmap and business case for technology transformation

Digital Employee Capabilities

  • Understand who the digital champions are in your organization vs. who is lagging behind in agility
  • Discover how you can increase the agility of the low-scoring employees and teams
  • Determine how users are interacting with technology that is planned for change, and track before & after
  • Decide how best to map users to change plans
  • Identify how your workforce agility is aiding or inhibiting your strategic business goals

Realize the Full Transformative
Value of Microsoft Teams

An Acumen guide from Scalable

Many businesses are turning to Microsoft Teams as an aid to achieving Digital Agility in the face of dizzying change, and it’s an excellent choice. Microsoft Teams offers a shared workspace with the power to transform workplace collaboration by bringing together chat, meetings, apps, bots, storage, and calls within a single platform – and collaboration is an important route to agility. However, realization of the benefits depends heavily on how the product is rolled out.