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Los empleadores saben que la experiencia digital es su responsabilidad, pero ¿están haciendo lo suficiente?

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En nuestro blog anterior, we looked closely at the findings of our Digital Experience Report 2021, and discussed the impact of poor digital experience on hybrid workerswellbeing. From working longer hours, to being unable to switch off from work – the issues were clear. The good news is that there does appear to be a growing awareness among employers about the importance of digital experience.

In fact, 79% of hybrid workers felt their employer had realized the need to pay more attention to digital experience and employee wellbeing in a hybrid working model. However, while this is indicative of positive change, that change has yet to materialize for many. Just half (51%) of employees report a ‘gooddigital experience at work, with 33% labelling it ‘adequate,and 15% calling the experience outright ‘poor.It’s clear that more work needs to be done.

In this blog, we’ll look at hybrid workersfrustrations and explore what employers can do to make the necessary positive change.

Las frustraciones de los empleados deben ser escuchadas

Así como los retos de bienestar y amenaza para las empresas’ Ingresos, a poor digital experience can be a major annoyance for workers. More than half (54%) of hybrid workers admitted that they’d been left feeling frustrated after a poor digital experience. On top of this, almost half (49%) said they felt that IT treats most of their workforce the same, without understanding how they work as individuals. If this becomes a problem that persists, it can have a knock-on effect on workplace happiness and job satisfaction.

More than a third (38%) of hybrid workers, for instance, said a poor digital experience reduced their job satisfaction. More concerning still was that 30% said a poor digital experience had made them want to leave a job or had contributed to them leaving a job. With many industries experiencing the effects of ‘The Great Resignation, employers need to do everything they can to hold onto their talent. Gartner encontró that 75% of hybrid or remote knowledge workers say their expectations for working flexibly have increased – so, it’s clear that nailing the digital experience needs to be a major priority for employers.

Información que impulsa la mejora

So, what needs to be done? It’s up to employers to preserve the benefits of hybrid working while protecting and retaining staff. Giving employees access to technology is only the first step in becoming a digitally agile organization where hybrid workers thrive. Organizations need a new approach that allows them to measure and quantify how technology is used and what the impact is on the user experience.

Scalable Software’s workplace analytics platform, Acumen, enables organizations to do just this. Acumen collates and distills data across all technology infrastructure to deliver insights to IT and HR leaders. This provides deep insight into end usersusage, experience data, and the technologies they use to get work done – delivering KPIs, actionable insights and recommendations to improve the digital employee experience.

Aprende más about how Acumen can help your organization strengthen the digital experience of its hybrid model. You can also download the full Informe de Experiencia Digital 2021.

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