Realisieren Sie den vollständigen transformativen Wert von Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams offers a shared workspace with the power to transform workplace collaboration, however, realization of the benefits depends heavily on how the product rolled out.

Der richtige Umsetzungsansatz ist unerlässlich

Teams’ very sophistication and richness of features necessitates a structured, systematic approach to implementation – an approach that keeps you focused on business impact rather than on technology for its own sake. ROI depends on successful adoption by the workforce, and adoption of appropriate behavior. Monitoring of progress has to take place against KPIs that reflect your business’s strategic goals and business objectives – not just basic metrics about the use of Microsoft Teams, useful as those are.

Vorbereitung auf die Transformation


Before any transformation, it’s important to understand your starting point, reviewing your current capabilities, in terms of both technology and employees. This includes the technology already in place and the workforce’s ability to absorb change and utilize IT. You can evaluate technology users to identify suitable early adopters who can act as champions and lead pilot groups to try out new functionality before you commit to a full migration.

Once you have all this information, create the best possible deployment strategy, prioritizing and staging deployments based on employee capabilities and readiness to change.

You can also establish a baseline against which to measure improvement efforts and ROI as you implement Teams, to ensure your desired outcomes are achieved. As you progress are able to view a dashboard comparing the baseline and current outcomes with your strategic goals and business objectives.

KPIs, die auf Microsoft-Teams – und Ihr Unternehmen zugeschnitten sind

As well as a baseline, measurement requires suitable KPIs. Acumen provides a group of Teams KPIs that can be configured to truly reflect the needs of your organization.

In addition to these Teams-specific KPIs, you’ll need a number of generic ones. For example, a “Kategorie Zersiedelung” KPI will help you to identify when other applications are being used to do the same thing as Teams, as a first step to standardizing on Teams.

With sufficiently sophisticated algorithms underlying the KPIs, using them to measure progress is effortless.

Verwalten des Rollouts

Überwachung von Aufwand und Fortschritt bei KPIs

As you roll out a collaboration platform like Microsoft Teams, it’s important to maintain control over, and visibility of the deployment process and measure performance efficiency, service adoption, and employee satisfaction.

The KPIs provide a basis for this, enabling you to evaluate technical data and end-user behavior. You can get visibility of any other tools in use across the organization so that you can standardize on Teams, thereby maximizing ROI.

Ergänzung grundlegender Informationen zur Generierung anspruchsvoller Erkenntnisse

The Office 365 Admin Center provides valuable information on Microsoft Teams usage, but to see the full picture you need more. Using the business KPIs you identified up front, plus algorithms that help you understand technology usage and user behavior, you can obtain detailed metrics with minimal effort.

Überwachung und Auslaufen anderer kollaborativer Plattformen

It’s important to have visibility of all collaborative platforms, not just Microsoft Teams. Typically, departments and projects have established their own ways of collaborating, which, while beneficial can lead to inefficiencies and silos if they continue to be used in parallel. If you know what is happening, you can encourage everyone to move onto Teams in a timely and effective manner without disrupting the useful collaborations that are already happening. Acumen gives you a comprehensive, vendor-independent picture of all forms of collaboration, online and offline, by using both technology and employee behavior data.

Überwachung der Realisierung der gewünschten Ergebnisse

Führungskräften einen 360-Grad-Blick geben

Acumen provides management and project leaders with easy access to the data analytics, insights and recommendations that they need to optimize performance, de-risk digital transformation initiatives, and enhance the employee digital experience.

Each organization is able to configure KPIs that embody the elements that are critical to their organization. With visibility of current progress against targets, project leaders can steer the transformation initiative towards full achievement of your strategic goals and business objectives. Underperforming areas will be highlighted so that you can, where necessary, take corrective action to get back on track. This de-risks the whole undertaking.

Den Überblick über die menschlichen Aspekte behalten

Transformation initiatives such as Teams rollouts are as much about human behavior as they are about technology. It follows that tracking adoption by users is a vital part of measuring success and keeping the transformation initiative on track to achieve strategic goals and business objectives. Make sure you have the tools to:

  • Sehen Sie, wo die Champions für Teams sind
  • Sehen Sie, wer mit Adoption zu kämpfen hat und geben Sie ihnen die Hilfe, die sie brauchen – vielleicht sogar, um sie zu Champions zu machen
  • Messen Sie agil mit rollenspezifischen Geschäftsergebnissen
  • Bereitstellen von Beschilderung, um Benutzern zu helfen, ihre Agilität zu verbessern
  • Phasenbereitstellung unter Berücksichtigung der Agilitätsstufen verschiedener Gruppen
  • Messen Sie, wie die Agilität der Arbeitskräfte den Fortschritt unterstützt oder hemmt
  • Zeigen Sie Dem einzelnen, wie er zu den organisatorischen Zielen beiträgt – das steigert die Arbeitszufriedenheit und Motivation

Acumen – Maßgeschneiderte KPIs und umsetzbare Einblicke

Scalable’s next generation platform, Scharfsinn, measures the digital KPIs that allow organizations to evaluate the agility of their workforce and their technology, reducing the risk of failed transformation initiatives, and helping assure success in achieving strategic goals and business objectives, including lower costs, improved efficiencies, and revenue growth.

Realisieren Sie die vollständige Transformation
Wert von Microsoft Teams

Ein Acumen-Leitfaden von Scalable

Viele Unternehmen wenden sich an Microsoft Teams als Hilfe, um digitale Agilität angesichts schwindelerregender Veränderungen zu erreichen, und es ist eine ausgezeichnete Wahl. Microsoft Teams bietet einen gemeinsamen Arbeitsbereich mit der Möglichkeit, die Zusammenarbeit am Arbeitsplatz zu transformieren, indem Chats, Meetings, Apps, Bots, Speicher und Anrufe innerhalb einer einzigen Plattform zusammengeführt werden – und Zusammenarbeit ist ein wichtiger Weg zur Agilität. Die Realisierung der Vorteile hängt jedoch stark davon ab, wie das Produkt ausgerollt wird.