Kaufen Sie keine Software, die Sie bereits besitzen: Wie Software Harvesting nicht ausgelastete IT-Assets umfunktionieren kann

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Spezialisierte High-End-Software ist teuer—and yet, your organization’s skilled specialists often can’t work without it. Look closely in many organizations and high-value applications like Computer-Aided Design software, niche engineering applications, high-end data science tools such as SPSS or SAS, and finance and accounting tools aren’t difficult to discover.

But how intensively are they being used? Why have they been bought? And are they even being used at all?

Examples abound of high-value applications used for just a few minutes a week, or acquired for a particular purpose that no longer exists.

And yet, at the same time as new users are recruited or new requirements emerge, organizations can find themselves buying even more licenses for the same high-value applications.

To the rescue: software harvesting.

Software Harvestings Versprechen

Imagine if it were possible to automatically survey your organization’s entire IT estate, discovering not only what high-value applications are out there, but who is using them.

Now imagine a further step. As well as discovering who is using your organization’s high-value applications, imagine that it’s possible to determine Wie viel they are using them, including:

  • Als sie zuletzt verwendet wurden
  • Die Länge einer typischen Sitzung in verstrichener Zeit oder Tastenanschlägen
  • Wie oft sie gestartet werden

And now imagine that it is possible to deactivate the licenses of underused or unused software, and reallocate those licenses to new users instead of buying additional fresh licenses.

Imagine no longer: this is software re-harvesting in action.

Und die Einsparungen durch software-Reharvesting können erheblich sein—very significant indeed.

Abrufen der Daten

But how exactly can organizations automatically survey their entire IT estate to unlock these possibilities?

The answer: Scalable Software’s Asset-Vision intelligent software discovery tool. Asset Vision finds and catalogues hardware and software assets across the organization’s entire IT estate regardless of platform or location.

With a couple of clicks, IT administrators can see not only every piece of software installed across the IT estate, but also data such as:

  • Welche Softwarepakete installiert sind
  • Der Verlag
  • Seine Versionsnummer
  • Wer benutzt es
  • An welchem präzisen Arbeitsplatz
  • Häufigkeit der Nutzung
  • Anzahl der Tastenanschläge, die einer Benutzersitzung zugeordnet sind
  • Wie oft wurde es gestartet?
  • Als es zuletzt verwendet wurde

Moreover, Asset Vision flexibly presents this data to aid decision-making regarding the deployment—und Umschichtung—of high-value applications.

Want to see every piece of software on every desktop across the organization that hasn’t been launched in the last 90 days? Or the last 30 days? With Asset Vision, it’s easy.

The Right Software, the Right Decisions

If the software is there, Asset Vision will find it. And it won’t just find it, but will also discover and normalize all the data that you need in order to make the correct software re-harvesting decisions and drive down the cost of high-value application deployments.

In short, when a business needs facts about its IT estate, Asset Vision provides themrapidly, accurately, and with low impact.

For intelligent software discovery, Asset Vision leads the pack. To learn more, reach out to Planen Sie Ihre Demo to see Asset Vision in action.

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