2024 Digital Employee Experience (DEX) Report

2024 Scalable Software Digital Employee Experience ReportExpectation vs Reality for Knowledge Workers.

New Scalable research finds digital experiences are getting worse. Data shows knowledge workers forced to work an extra 3.1 weeks per year due to digital limitations.

With the rise of hybrid models and debates surrounding the “return to office,” it’s crucial to examine the impact that digital experience has on employee satisfaction and productivity.  

We directly surveyed 2,000 UK knowledge workers to gain insights into their current digital employee experiences. By downloading the report, you’ll gain access to comprehensive data and valuable insights that shed light on the changing landscape of digital employee experiences (DEX) in 2024, specifically tailored for knowledge workers. 

Explore the report to uncover the key areas of digital friction affecting productivity and employee satisfaction. Additionally, receive actionable guidance on proactive measures your organization can implement to measure and optimize the digital employee experience, catering to the needs of both office and remote workers. 

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