Smart Packager CE: The Most Popular Free MSI Package Builder

MSI and Application Packaging from Scalable SoftwareSmart Packager Community Edition (CE), formerly WinINSTALL LE, is the most popular free MSI packager in the world…

…and has been for almost two decades. Try it now.

WinINSTALL LE had been a long-time favorite with administrators for software packaging and application installer management. Scalable has significantly overhauled WinINSTALL LE and released it with a new name at the same low price—absolutely free.

Featuring Windows 7, Windows 8, App-V, ISO 19770-2 Software Tagging and an easy-to-use User Interface, Smart Packager Community Edition (CE) brings free MSI packaging up to date. Smart Packager Community Edition contains three key tools: a legacy Repackager, workflow, and package editing.

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For users who need to package a Windows Installer Setup, please see Smart Packager Pro.