Mobile Device Management (MDM), Defined

Mobile Device Management (MDM) is a combination of systems, processes, and tools that address the unique IT Asset Management challenges mobile endpoints pose for organizations of all sizes.

Why is mobile device management significant for Finance and IT? Mobile devices make up a significant and growing percentage of IT endpoints. Not only are traditional IT asset management concerns amplified by mobility, poorly managed governance, privacy, and compliance for these devices can have catastrophic impacts.

Flexible device enrollment via non-intrusive, non-disruptive mobile device management (MDM) is an imperative given the rapid explosion of mobile endpoints and BYOD initiatives. A further imperative: mobile device management tools and solutions that are flexible and adaptable enough to meet both today’s MDM needs and the needs of an over-the-horizon future.

Mobile device management can be complicated by the Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) movement when employees bring their own mobile device to work yet expect to have them managed centrally. Even when mobile devices are purchased for employees, management is still complicated by the fact often employees have personal configuration requirements.

The best MDM solutions are able to logically partition the management of devices so that only corporate assets on the device are managed. The best mobile device management tools support over the air enrollment of devices in a totally non-disruptive way, but can also integrate device profile management with organization structures in LDAP or other directory systems. As more iPad and other table devices become mainstream corporate tools, mobile device management products become an essential part of an IT Asset Management toolkit.