Smart Packager Application

Almost every enterprise IT organization must routinely deploy applications, updates, or patches. Inadequate quality control, lack of standardization, or poor application packaging can strain help desks, burden IT resources, and cut productivity.

The process always goes more smoothly with properly prepared applications and managed deployment, two practices that correlate directly to application readiness. This can be accomplished by creating deployable MSI Installer files or App-V from existing software installations, or modifying existing Windows Installer packages—processes that used to be complex, but for which there is a proven, easy-to-use tool that speeds the process and reduces complexity. It removes a major barrier to cloud adoption by automating the assessment, conversion and publishing of multiple virtual formats to both physical and cloud environments.

Smart Packager's automation, integration with the leading software distribution tools, including WinINSTALL LMS, and workflow capabilities help organizations streamline processes, leverage their investment in MSI and App-V packaged applications, publish physical and virtual software packages across hybrid environments from the client to the cloud and reduce the time and cost of application migration projects.

Try Scalable's Smart Packager Pro & MSI Packaging

Free Trial Smart Packager Pro Application PackagingScalable’s Smart Packager Pro and WinINSTALL LMS provide an integrated solution for teams ranging from a single application packager to large distributed teams, reducing helpdesk calls and increasing user productivity by ensuring consistent and reliable application deployments significantly reducing the time and costs associated with application and MSI packaging resulting in full application readiness.