Asset Vision Client Manager®

Non-Intrusive Mobile Device Management (MDM), Configuration, and Securing of Endpoint Devices

Asset Vision Client Manager® enables the non-intrusive management, configuration, and securing of endpoint devices such as iPhones and iPads. Using published Mobile Device Management (MDM) features, enhanced with an easy to use and flexible management interface, Asset Vision Client Manager enables an increasingly mobile workforce to enjoy the same protections and resource access as traditional on-premise workstations. With Cloud-based device enrollment, policy-based configuration, and push notifications, Asset Vision Client Manager also supports Apple endpoint device management.

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Asset Vision Client Manager Highlights

  • Built on Asset Vision and tightly integrated with other modules
  • Enterprise-capable features, yet lightweight and easy to use
  • Easy, secure device enrollment via email or integration with Apple Configurator
  • Mass device deployment. Secure and efficient distribution of iPads and iPhones
  • Configuration management features such as passcodes, restrictions on certain applications, plus Cloud back-up and other access points are supported
  • Enables the separation of corporate apps from BYOD apps. Supports governance and security policies, enables IT to perform actions on devices such as “lock,” “reset passcode,” “wipe,” and “install apps or profiles”
  • Protects corporate assets by providing visibility for potential security breaches. Reviews all devices enrolled into Asset Vision and checks device policy compliance, allocation, and activity logging
  • Integrates with existing directory systems, avoiding increased complexity
  • Automates the deployment of allowed applications
  • Provides accurate and timely reporting to help manage cost and compliance through detailed device inventory
  • Rapidly creates, defines, and manages groups of devices, apps, and profiles to mirror your corporate structure
  • Manages apps and volume purchase programs (VPP). Integrates with Apple’s Volume Purchase Program

Asset Vision Client Manager Key Features

Communication Resilience

Extensive support for unreliable networks and device notifications ensures that commands issued to devices are reliably delivered. A deferred command system manages retries according to policies and device feedback, further ensuring communication resilience.

Corporate App Store

Create and manage an internal Corporate App Store to ensure only approved applications can be downloaded and installed. Works off the policy manager to ensure application management policies are only defined in one place.

Device Control

The full range of standard remote control options can be applied to individual devices or groups of devices, including lock, wipe, reset passcodes, and similar. All device control actions are controlled by Asset Vision security management.

Application Management

Distribute commercial or internally developed applications. Fully integrated with Apple’s volume purchase program, providing the ability to remotely remove managed applications, Asset Vision makes application management easier.

Location Management

Using a non-invasive mechanism, the precise location of supervised devices can be obtained with a single click. There is nothing to install on the device and no user involvement is required for location management with Asset Vision.

Flexible Policy Management

Create groups of devices, applications and profiles, then associate them in ways that automate the management of large numbers of devices. This flexible policy management feature is designed to support complex environments with configuration policies that would be impossible to manage in conventional ways. Includes extensive exception reporting to pinpoint those devices that deviate from policy.

Integrated Profile Configuration

An easy to use, fully integrated mechanism to create device configuration profiles. The UI will be familiar to anyone with experience creating profiles, and it supports the very latest configuration options.

Supports BYOD and Corporate Separation

Tight integration with Apple Configurator enables organizations to establish policies that treat BYOD and corporate devices differently.

Volume Purchase Program Integration

Volume Purchase Program integration supports direct import for Volume Purchase Program data, to enable the deployment of enterprise licensed applications to mobile devices. This capability also includes support for the recently introduced Managed Distribution capability of Apple’s Volume Purchase Program. Managed distributions dramatically streamline the process of buying and distributing software to iOS devices across the enterprise.