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Scalable Software announced that it has signed a distribution agreement with CDG UK, a specialist in the distribution of innovative software technologies for IT service providers in the UK.

Under the agreement, CDG UK will provide Scalable solutions for IT asset management (ITAM), software usage metering, software distribution, and platform migration. Scalable’s solutions enable resellers to provide organizations with near real-time capabilities for IT cost analysis of hybrid environments, as well as “true” software usage analysis and compliance reporting, both for on-premise and Software-as-a-Service application delivery.

“CDG UK is a natural fit for us. The team has deep experience in supporting enterprise software channel development as well as clear insight into the challenges facing today’s enterprise customers. The company’s focus on bringing innovation to its reseller partners was also a reason to make them our partner of choice,” said Bruce Aboudara, Executive Vice President for Sales and Marketing at Scalable Software. “We are looking forward to working in partnership with CDG to build a network of effective and inspired partners.”

Chris Patton, Commercial Director at CDG UK, said, “There are a number of factors increasing management complexity within end-user computing environments, from the increasing use of SaaS and mobile devices to the growing diversity of on-premise application and hardware estates. This changing environment is pushing the capabilities of traditional asset management solutions. Organizations now need smarter ways to maintain control and ensure value is being driven from technology investments. The solutions offered by Scalable not only identify immediate cost saving opportunities for customers, they also initiate new customer discussions around the wider practice of asset lifecycle management.”

Scalable enables organizations to proactively manage the deployment of software and hardware assets based on actual user and business demand. Provided as cloud-based and on-premise offerings, Scalable solutions enable IT to retain control over a changing application and device footprint and respond to increasing business demands for continuous optimization of IT asset usage. CDG UK will feature Scalable solutions as part of its Innovation Showcase—where partners can learn more about new innovations for application delivery, data management and security and the new customer opportunities they unlock.

For more information about Scalable Software’s Asset Vision, see the Scalable Asset Vision page. For information about CDG UK, see the CDG website.

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Scalable Software is showcasing its Asset Vision Self Audit solution at CeBIT 2013 with EDAG IT Alliance.

“The tracking and management of expensive design and engineering applications is a major pain point for manufacturers worldwide. As a member of EDAG IT Alliance we are able to reduce costs and improve compliance with Scalable’s Cloud-based solutions,” said Holger Maul, Managing Director, mamasolutions GmbH.

Bruce Aboudara, EVP Sales and Marketing, Scalable Software, commented, “CeBIT 2013 is the premier conference for international IT, and Scalable is delighted to participate through EDAG IT Alliance. Because CeBIT 2013 attendees look for innovative technologies, we expect lots of interest in Asset Vision, Scalable’s breakthrough approach to IT Asset Management.”

“Asset Vision is being used by clients in both Europe and North America, and we are certain those attending CeBIT who are responsible for IT asset management will find it of great interest,” continued Mr. Aboudara.

For more information about Scalable Software’s Asset Vision, see the Scalable Asset Vision page. For information about mamasolutions and the EDAG IT Alliance, see the mamasolutions website:

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Scalable Software Announces Its Partnership with QBS Distribution for the UK and EMEA

AUSTIN, TX, FEBRUARY 28, 2013 – 713-316-4903

Scalable Software, an established software developer providing IT Asset and Desktop Management solutions, has awarded distributorship for Smart Packager Professional to QBS Distribution (QBSD).

The Scalable Smart Packager is a breakthrough solution that allows IT administrators to create application packages in minutes using a point-and-click, live event driven discovery process, rather than days or weeks as with traditional approaches.

“Establishment of the QBSD relationship demonstrates Scalable’s continuing ability to increase international market share. Scalable is committed to our resellers and distributor channels are a key to our growth,” said Paul Pieske, Scalable’s Vice President of Sales and New Business Development, Smart Packager Products.

Mr. Pieske continued, “We have selected QBDS in the EMEA market because of their strong reseller network, excellent marketing resources, and commitment to promote and maintain the reputation of the Scalable brand.”

By taking on Scalable Software as a strategic business partner, QBSD adds application packaging software to its growing portfolio of technical software products that already covers IDEs, coding tools, performance analyzers, and component suites.

“Given our long history of selling packaging and repackaging software it is very exciting to be involved with a product with such a refreshingly new and innovative approach,” said QBSD Director, Skye Quin.

Brands covered by the agreement include Smart Packager Professional. Scalable Smart Packager Pro is a simple-to-use yet powerful solution that creates, enhances, and tests MSI and virtualization packages in minutes for distribution via any of the popular deployment systems. Smart Packager Pro includes event-driven discovery, integrated workflow management, package editing, and ISO 19770-2 Software ID Tagging to support application packaging best practices and dependable Windows 7 and 8 migrations.

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Scalable’s New Application Packaging Solution Deployed by Over 2500 Organizations in 90 Days

AUSTIN, TX, JANUARY 29, 2013 – 713-316-4903

Scalable today announced that more than 2500 businesses and organizations in over 80 countries around the world are currently using the recently released Smart Packager Pro.

The Scalable Smart Packager is a breakthrough solution that allows IT administrators to create application packages in minutes using a point-and-click, live event driven discovery process, rather than days or weeks as with traditional approaches.

The new approach is expected to result in dramatic time and cost savings for enterprise-wide implementations of Microsoft Windows 7, Microsoft 8, App-V and new ISO 19770-2 tagging initiatives.

“Scalable MSI Packager helps us to get the job done, and quickly,” said a Michelin Group Employee. “We’re constantly juggling multiple packaging projects on very limited resources and we don’t have time to waste doing things manually.”

“We were impressed by the power, flexibility and ease-of-use provided by the new Scalable Smart Packager,” said Vijay Raj, Microsoft MVP in Application Setup / Deployment and Owner of MSI Geek ( is a leading IT blog on Application Deployment Guides, Compatibility, Installer Tips, Cloud, Device Reviews, How-To articles, E-book downloads and IT News. “We’ve used many packaging and distribution tools over the years, but the Scalable Smart Packager is unlike anything we’ve ever seen.”

“We felt the market was ready for an alternative to traditional packaging,” said Mark Cresswell, President and CEO at Scalable Software, “and it seems we were right. The uptake of our Smart Packager has exceeded our wildest expectations.”

Game-changing Scalable Smart Packager delivers a range of industry-leading features that make it significantly easier for IT administrators to roll-out Windows 7, Windows 8 and App-V applications, including:

Create MSI Packages in a Few Clicks: Innovative smart monitoring technology saves enterprises from the complexity of manual MSI building by recording everything that happens in an installation, giving a thorough picture of how an installation will behave on the end user’s PC and automatically generating an MSI package.

ISO 19770-2 Compliant Software Tagging: Allows enterprises to automatically add ISO 19770-2 compliant tags to repackaged applications and preserve the original publisher information that will enable applications to be identified after installation.

Workflow Manager: Provides a best practices management approach to centrally control the software packaging process – from discovery and modification to testing and final package creation.

Creation and Management of Microsoft App-V Packages: Scalable Smart Packager includes support for Microsoft’s App-V technology, which enables organizations to virtualize their application in minutes. Zero-changes are required to an application.

Simple Package Editing Capabilities: Intuitive visual editor for managing files, folders, registry, shortcuts, and environment installation entries. Truly simple approach – eliminates programming skills required by other package editors.

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Scalable Releases Asset Vision® Manage

Scalable Adds Support for iOS and OSX to Improve Workplace Mobility and Enable Mobile Device Management

AUSTIN, TX & LONDON, UK, NOVEMBER 12, 2012 – 713-316-4957

Scalable today announced availability of Asset Vision Manage. This new offering is built upon the company’s flagship Cloud-based platform, Asset Vision. Client Manager extends the reach of Asset Vision to Apple’s iOS and OSX platforms today; with near term plans to add Android, Windows Phone 8, Windows RT.

“Forrester has projected corporations will buy $19 billion worth of Apple’s Mac, iPad and iPhone devices in 2012, and $28 billion in 2013 and significantly, BYOD is dominated by Apple devices,” commented Mark Cresswell, CEO of Scalable. “These devices, and the workplace mobility demanded by their users, represent a new challenge to IT organizations, particularly when balanced with the continuing management of traditional device endpoints.”

Asset Vision Manage includes the following key features:

  • Integration with Apple Configurator
  • Self-Service, Over the Air (OTA) enrollment using Secure Certificate Exchange Protocol (SCEP)
  • Seamless integration with Apple’s Volume Purchase Program
  • Device Profile and Managed Application deployment
  • Secured device control such as wipe, lock and passcode update
  • Full, normalized hardware and software inventory
  • Tightly integrated with Asset Vision® Self Audit enabling iOS and OSX software to form part of an organizations software audit preparations.
  • Directory Services LDAP/Active Directory integration

This feature set couples efficient and secure device enrolment with comprehensive over-the-air management features. It also enables the mobile community to participate in other important IT disciplines such as Software Asset Management.

John Percevault, Director of Technology, of Lethbridge commented on their decision to use Scalable’s mobile device management solution, “Today Lethbridge has five technicians providing front line services for 4,000 networked devices. This equates to 800 devices per technician – desktop PCs, netbooks, laptops, tablets, and smart phones. As the district weighed the impact of introducing Apple devices it was clear the anticipated increase in devices and new operating environment required a different mobile device management strategy, one that offered a unified device management solution from a single vendor.”

Percevault went on to say, “As part of our evaluation process we invited eight vendors representing tablet technologies utilizing Android, Windows, iOS and RIM operating systems to present their offerings. Key to the delegates’ deliberations at the end of each presentation was how to manage a fleet of mobile devices with limited support staff.” After considerable deliberation Scalable was chosen. Scalable’s current commitment to Microsoft’s and Apple’s operating systems instilled confidence at a technical level that District 51 will be able to source affordable, high-end device management tools, meeting current and future needs, from Scalable.”

Bruce Aboudara, EVP of Scalable Sales and Marketing, commented on the rise of mobile devices in the enterprise, “Asset Vision Manage is Scalable’s response to this need. Scalable’s solution offers a single tool for managing devices from multiple vendors, delivered via an easy to use, low-impact SaaS model. Developed using open approaches, such as SCEP, that facilitate OTA control and end-user enrollment, Asset Vision Manage eliminates many of the proprietary pre-requisites of competing offerings.  Most importantlyit minimizes the load on IT while ensuring IT has complete control of security, policies and device restrictions. As the ‘consumerization’ of IT continues solutions like Scalable’s Asset Vision Manage will be critical to IT’s success in delivering low cost, quality service.”

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Scalable Features Software Portfolio Rationalization at ACE2012

AUSTIN, TX, OCTOBER 9, 2012 –713-316-4957

Scalable will feature the company’s innovative software portfolio rationalization offering, Asset Vision®, at IAITAM’s popular ACE conference October 17-19, 2012 at the Rancho Las Palmas Resort in Palm Springs, California. By virtue of its focus on some of the most pressing problems facing CIOs today, Software Portfolio Rationalization is proving far easier for IT Professionals to cost-justify than traditional Software Asset Management (SAM) projects.

Mark Cresswell, CEO of Scalable commented on the company’s decision to participate in the ACE conference, “Today organizations want answers to critical questions such as ‘How do I defend against a software audit?’ and ‘Are we using all the software we are maintaining?’ Unlike traditional SAM initiatives, Asset Vision delivers rapid answers to these questions leading to highly desirable outcomes.”

Asset Vision delivers Cloud-based solutions to pressing software portfolio rationalization issues facing IT managers, including accurate reporting that minimizes risk arising from software audits, actionable insights for IT procurement leading to lower software costs and enhanced assessments of a company’s software portfolio in preparation for migrations and upgrades.

Bruce Aboudara, EVP Sales & Marketing commented on the far reaching impact of Scalable’s vision, “Ultimately we see a convergence of software portfolio rationalization and a trend towards enterprise App Stores with integrated volume purchase programs. In conjunction with our forthcoming Asset Vision | Client Manager product, we are enabling progressive companies to extend the reach of compelling software management across all endpoint devices regardless of ownership or location.”

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Scalable Acquires MoveOp™ – Innovative Unix to Linux and Cloud Migration Solution

Scalable Software Acquires Intellectual Property and Assets of MoveOp, the Linux Migration Division of NEON Enterprise Software. Acquisition Strengthens Scalable’s Product Set with Tools to Accelerate the Process of Migrating Unix to Linux and Cloud Architectures.


Scalable Software, a leader in IT Asset Management solutions for the Cloud Era, today announced it has acquired the entire portfolio of intellectual property and certain key assets of MoveOp, a division of NEON Enterprise Software. MoveOp develops and markets software to automate key processes involved with the migration of legacy Unix implementations to contemporary enterprise Linux and Cloud environments.

Scalable plans to integrate the intellectual property into Asset Vision and release new tools based on the integrated solution in early 2012. These tools will enable organizations which are reviewing datacenter platform strategy to eliminate the migration barrier often presented by having critical applications running in legacy Unix environments.

“The emergence of private and public Clouds as an option for traditional Unix workloads has given rise to increased numbers of migration projects. With MoveOp’s extensive gap analysis technology and deep Unix discovery, Scalable can now offer its customers and partners high-value options to help migrate traditional workloads, which have been hitherto locked on legacy Unix, onto more contemporary Linux implementations,” says Mark Cresswell, CEO of Scalable Software. “The technical compatibility of the MoveOp products with our Scalable LIVE! Platform will yield significant integration synergies and enable us to accelerate development of those features our customers and partners have been asking for.”

“Eliminating the expensive lock-in that comes with traditional UNIX installations is an ongoing customer challenge. Migrating from UNIX to SUSE Linux Enterprise Server provides a low cost of ownership while also offering a stable, reliable operating system,” said Michael Miller, vice president of global marketing and alliances, SUSE. “There are important differences between UNIX and Linux, which is why administrators should leverage technologies that streamline processes and identify the gaps between the source and target machines at a sufficiently granular level to achieve a successful migration.”

Scalable has assumed all sales and marketing activities as well as development, technical support, training, and professional services efforts for the MoveOp product family. Customers and channel partners will benefit from the dedicated team members that have extensive knowledge of the IT Asset Management market.

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Scalable Announces Asset Vision® – The First Enterprise-Class, Agentless IT Asset Discovery and Inventory Solution Provisioned as SaaS


Scalable Software, the leading provider of software to drive down the cost of managing end-user computing, releases Asset Vision®

Asset Vision is Scalable’s first SaaS tool to be built on its recently announced Scalable LIVE® platform as a service (PaaS). Asset Vision is a next generation agentless IT Asset Discovery and Inventory tool hosted in the Cloud. Asset Vision showcases the power of SaaS in the context of IT Asset Management (ITAM).

Asset Vision incorporates many important technological achievements:

  • Agentless Discovery from the Cloud: Using innovative, firewall-friendly techniques, Scalable has been able to add a full discovery capability without the need to install agents on customers’ machines.
  • Warranty Spider: Included in this initial release of Asset Vision is the ability to automatically populate warranty details from any computer built by one of the four main hardware manufacturers. The process requires zero human intervention.
  • Deep Discovery: Asset Vision uses a combination of discovery protocols to extract accurate and detailed information from any of the IT assets it discovers. This capability functions across all the classes of IT assets Asset Vision supports such as computers, software, network devices, and more.
  • Extensible User Interface: The user interface of Asset Vision is entirely customizable, with a combination of dashboards and dataviews that can be adapted easily to meet the needs of the customer.
  • Extensible Discovery: Out of the box discovery features will meet the needs of the majority of organizations, however Asset Vision can be easily extended to obtain information from less common devices and their configurations.

“Scalable Software’s Asset Vision product reflects a new and different approach to managing technology assets,” says Terry Boney, IT Asset & Compliance at Lifeway Christian Resources, an early adopter of Asset Vision. “Multiple discovery options are included with this zero agent solution and the cross platform OS results have been awesome. The amount of data and information collected by Asset Vision has been extremely impressive especially at the server and infrastructure layer area. The hosted solution LifeWay deployed was easy to implement and had zero impact to our users, network, and systems.”

As a result of its Cloud-based, agentless architecture, Asset Vision is quick to implement with no disruption to existing systems.

“We’ve been delighted with the feedback we have received from our many early-adopter program customers. It seems the twin desires of accurate agentless discovery and the cost-effectiveness of SaaS implementations have come together at the perfect time for Scalable and its release of Asset Vision.” says Mark Cresswell, CEO of Scalable.

Asset Vision is built on Scalable LIVE!® the industry’s first Cloud-based platform for the development of next generation ITAM applications, Asset Vision inherits the platform’s security, scalability, resilience, and performance capabilities.

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Scalable Announces Scalable LIVE!® – First Enterprise-Class, Cloud-Based Platform for the Development of Next Generation SaaS ITAM Applications


Scalable Software, the leading provider of software to drive down the cost of managing end-user computing, releases Scalable LIVE!. Scalable LIVE is a platform as a service (PaaS) aimed at software development companies and consulting organizations wishing to commercialize next generation IT Asset Management (ITAM) software solutions as a service without having to undertake the investment in their own Software as a Service (SaaS) infrastructure.

Scalable LIVE! offers robust PaaS facilities aimed squarely at the enterprise-class ITAM domain. These facilities include:

  • Multi-tenant architecture
  • Extensible, integrated, state-of-the-art, agentless hardware and software inventory and discovery, covering all the major hardware, software, network, and virtualization configurations
  • Integrated asset and vendor recognition catalog
  • Fully extensible schema
  • Interoperability layer for customer specific data integration requirements such as procurement data, etc
  • Detailed Software Development Kit including technical support community and wiki
  • Dynamic install and uninstall facilities for partner applications
  • Web 2.0 UI with a large dashboard widget library
  • Automated customer sign-up, provisioning, and service-level monitoring
  • Comprehensive security features, back-up, and recovery

“A great deal of innovation can be found among ITAM consulting providers and agile software companies,” says Mark Cresswell, CEO of Scalable. “Scalable LIVE! is a comprehensive platform offering aimed at enabling that innovation to be rapidly and cost-effectively provisioned as a SaaS solution and then commercialized through the power of the Cloud.”

Chairman of Cloud Industry Forum (CIF) Andy Burton, who is chief executive at web-hosting company Fasthosts says: “According to recent findings by IDC, Cloud IT services are currently worth $16bn globally and is estimated to grow to around $40bn by 2013. These are staggering predictions and something for the industry to be excited about. The economic and innovation implications are profound for businesses adopting Cloud solutions as it reduces the barriers to entry for small and mid-sized companies to have a world class agile and secure infrastructure without the capital expenditure traditionally required. The role of CIF is to simply work alongside this fast evolving industry, making sure it follows certain standards and therefore deters potential cowboy operators from misleading customers and thereby bringing the industry into disrepute. If we can develop a standard that users trust, much like the padlock symbol has done in the browser relating to website security, then it will be an asset not only to the user but also to the serious and credible Cloud technology companies operating in this space.”

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Scalable Releases WinINSTALL™ Lifecycle Management Suite – Focused on Enabling Zero Touch Migration to Windows 7


Scalable Software, the leading provider of software to drive down the cost of managing end-user computing, releases today a major new incarnation of its popular WinINSTALL product.

WinINSTALL 10.1 Lifecycle Management Suite (LMS) builds on the success of its predecessor, Desktop Availability Suite (DAS) and is available free to all existing DAS customers on maintenance.

WinINSTALL LMS has been enhanced with support for the latest version of Microsoft’s User State Migration Tool (USMT v4.0). In conjunction with its existing class-leading exploitation of WinPE within the pre-boot execution environment (PXE), LMS now supports zero-touch, machine to machine, and in-place upgrades from Windows XP and Windows Vista to Windows 7.

Upgrades from Windows XP to Windows 7, including migration of all user themes, personalities, files, and settings, can be achieved without visiting the user workstation in as little as 30 minutes per machine. The common application migration requirements are supported ‘out-of-the-box’, with an extensible model for more unusual application migration scenarios.

“The migration to Windows 7 from Windows XP is one of the biggest IT challenges facing corporations even now,” says Mark Cresswell, CEO of Scalable. “The new WinINSTALL Lifecycle Management Suite completely solves the well-documented problems associated with zero-touch upgrades from Windows XP to Windows 7.”